Hinode/EIS Remote Planning CPT (RPCPT)


Because CPT is to be run on the eisco@ISAS machine, a command-line version of CPT has been developed. It is essentially the same program as the GUI used in the Planning Tools, but without the widgets.

As a convenience, an ascii file is saved whenever CPT is tested using the GUI in the Planning Tools. This file contains all the input parameters required by CPT to run successfully. This file is saved in the archive that goes back to eisco@ISAS when the remote planner has completed the plan on their own machine. This version of CPT will ingest this file (if it exists) and automatically enter the parameters. They may also be modified later.

  1. Create an eis_rp_cpt object. (Don't panic!) This will ingest the $HOME/eis_cpt_properties.txt file if it finds it.
  2. If necessary, modify CPT properties
  3. Test CPT
  4. Run CPT
  5. Quit CPT

RPCPT Object Methods

Method Description
rpcpt->props Prints a list of the current variables, including times and Upload Pass Numbers
rpcpt->test Tests CPT
rpcpt->run Runs CPT and generates output files
rpcpt->setProperty Modify various fields. Use as;
IDL>rpcpt->setProperty, var = var
Where var can be;
Name Example Input Type
start_time '08:00:00 9-Sep-2008' date-time string
stop_time '18:00:00 9-Sep-2008' date-time string
upload_time '07:00:00 9-Sep-2008' date-time string
opog_pass 14 number between 0 and 9999
obstbl_pass 397 number between 0 and 9999
co 'Dave Mustaine' string (in quotes)
cp 'Kerry King' string (in quotes)
tohban 'Glen Tipton' string (in quotes)
rpcpt->quit Destroys the RPCPT object