Remote Planning Guide Overview

Overview Stage 0: Preliminary

Activity Description
Stage 0: Preliminary Minimum conditions for Remote Planners
Stage 1: Pre-planning Fetching the latest databases and CP files from EISCO, and unpacking them
Stage 2: Planning Make EIS plan using Planning Tools and archive new timeline databases
Stage 3: Plan Submission Send the updated timeline back to EISCO, run CPT and perform necessray CO tasks
Stage 4: Checking the Plan Check the plan is valid

General Philosophy

The original intention was to have a Remote Planner user account on ssh2@ISAS that would be able to interact with eisco@ISAS via SSH without using passwords. In this way, only a few scripts would have been required to fetch and send back the various files and databases between the remote planner's machine and eisco@ISAS. However, this has been rejected on the grounds of security.

Hence, the remote planner must perform several of these tasks manually. Oh well - that's more typing for you!

Overview Stage 0: Preliminary