RPG Stage 3: Plan Submission

Stage 2: Planning Stage 3: Plan Submission Stage 4: Checking the Plan

you@YOUR Machine:
  1. Archive the newly modified timeline database (and eis_cpt_properties.txt file);
  2. Copy the (tarball) archive to ope-gw@ISAS (you will be prompted to enter the relevant password)
    scp eis_rp_tldb.tar.gz your_username@ope-gw.solar.isas.jaxa.jp:~/
  3. Login to your user account on the (gateway) machine ope-gw@ISAS, viz;
    ssh -Y your_username@ope-gw.solar.isas.jaxa.jp
ope-gw@ISAS Machine:
  1. Copy the tarball to eisco @ISAS;
    scp eis_rp_tldb.tar.gz eisco@eisco.solar.isas.jaxa.jp:~/
  2. Login to the eisco user account on the EISCO machine (you will be prompted for the password);
    ssh -Y eisco@eisco
eisco@ISAS Machine:

What happens at the end of this block depends upon whether you are planning before or after the daily Hinode meeting (at 10:00 JST / 01:00 UT) on the day of the upload

  1. Run the following script, which will;
    1. backup the entire planning_db database
    2. transplant the updated timeline database into the live database location on eisco
    3. extract the eis_cpt_properties.txt file
  2. Start SSWIDL and invoke CPT on the SSWIDL command line (NB: we will NOT be using eis_mk_plan for any of the following);
    This will ingest the file "$HOME/eis_cpt_properties.txt" that you created on your own machine when you tested CPT using the GUI. You will have copied that file here, to the eisco machine. You should see that the same values you entered in the CPT GUI are reflected here when you type the above.

    Also notice that the IDL prompt has changed.

  3. To continue, select the appropriate link below. You will be continuing to work on the eisco@EISCO machine, so don't log out until progressing to the next stage of instructions.

Before Upload Day meeting (JST) After Upload Day meeting (JST)
Choose this link if you are submitting a draft plan (ie: one that is prepared for submission before 10:00 JST on the day when the plan is uploaded). This draft plan may be revised following the meeting at 10:30 JST. Choose this link if you are submitting the final version of the plan (ie: after the daily meeting on the day of the upload).

Stage 2: Planning Stage 3: Plan Submission Stage 4: Checking the Plan