RPG Stage 4: Post-Submission

Stage 3: Plan Submission Stage 4: Checking the Plan

you@YOUR Machine:
There is no need to log out of the eisco@ISAS machine here since you are going to edit some webpages.
  1. Go to the Hinode Planning Status Login Page
  2. Login using your name as the username and download the draft plan. Then update the EIS status to "Re-submitted" and click Submit.
  3. Go to the Hinode Planning Status webpage
  4. Wait until the
    1. CP line reads "CMDI No.xxxx is ready. (hh:mm:ss JST)"
    2. EIS line reads "CO, please check Draft plan."
    Then check to see if the update time on the CP compilation is as expected (i.e., after the time you submitted the plan). If it is, then go back to the Hinode Planning Status Login Page
  5. Login using your name as the username.
  6. On the EIS line, click "download Draft plan". You don't have to do anything with this file, the EIS checking software directly uses the original electronic versions, so just delete it.

    The EIS planning status will automatically be updated to "Checking plan now". Navigate away from this page to logout.
eisco@ISAS Machine:
  1. Start SSWIDL and run the command
    SSWIDL> eis_cp_compilation_check
    or if you are uploading a revised plan;
    SSWIDL> eis_cp_compilation_check , /revise
    This will cross-check that the files compiled by the CP are the same as the ones you intended to submit. It will also do some further checks for problems that have occurred in the past (work in progress...). You will be asked to confirm that the correct plan is being checked. Enter y or n and the correct plan number if necessary. If all goes well you should then get a message that says "There are no problems with what this check checks".
  2. Quit IDL;
  3. Logout of eisco@ISAS (this will take you back to the ope-gw@ISAS machine);
ope-gw@ISAS Machine:
  1. Log out of the ope-gw machine;
you@YOUR Machine:
  1. Go back to the Hinode Planning Status Login webpage and log on again. If you now believe everything is okay, go to the EIS plan line and select "OK". Confirm your choice.
  2. Email a summary of the plan, attaching the relevant eis_plan_yyyymmdd.txt file, to the following recipients;

    • eis_co, xrt_co, sot_co
    • cdsplanner, traceplanner
    • others if necessarys

    Include the OP Period and the data-recorder allocation. An example is shown below;
    Subject: EIS Observing plan: 2009-03-17 to 2009-03-19 (eis_co: xrt_co: sot_co:)
    Dear All

    OP main: 2009/03/17 11:00:00 - 2009/03/19 10:36:00 (UT)
    Data allocation: 933 Mbits
    Predicted usage: 940 Mbits

    During this plan, EIS supports HOP00 (some campaign) in the long SAA-free periods on each day. The rest of the plan involves observing a small AR with a study requested by someone or other.

    Details of the spacecraft pointing are available here:
    while details of the EIS plan are in the attached file.

    Your Name, EIS Chief Observer

  3. You are now finished making the plan for today's upload.
  4. Your EIS Remote Planning Competency Certificate is in the post!

Stage 3: Plan Submission Stage 4: Checking the Plan