Hinode/EIS Remote Planning Scripts

These script files are located in the $SSW/hinode/eis/idl/planning/rp/scripts directory.


Name Description
eis_eisco_archive.pl Creates an archive (tarball) of databases and CP files on eisco to allow planning on a remote machine
eis_eisco_unpack_tldb.pl Unpacks timeline_db databases and CPT properties file
eis_eisco_update_cp_info.pl Similar to eis_eisco_archive.pl, but only archives the CP cmdpln directories (and not planning_db and obstbl files). This is used if CP (eg; re-point) files have changed


Name Description
eis_ssh2_archive.pl Calls the eis_eisco_archive.pl script on eisco
eis_ssh2_update_cp_info.pl Calls the eis_eisco_update_cp_info.pl script on eisco

RP Machine

Name Description
eis_unpack_rp_archive.pl Unpacks the archive from eisco onto the RP'ers machine
eis_rp_tldb.pl Archives the timeline_db and CPT properties file into a tarball.