Hinode/EIS Nugget – EIS Flare Catalogue

by Jian Sun and Louise Harra, MSSL

Find a flare observed with Hinode EIS!

The EIS flare catalogue was created and is maintained by the EIS team at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL). We realize that finding flare events with spectroscopic data is more challenging than simple imaging data. The catalogue allows users to conveniently search, view and download EIS data for any specific solar flare event.

For each flare event, the catalogue lists all the EIS studies carried out within a time range of 8 hours before and after the flare peak time. The user can easily find out where, when and what kind of EIS observations are carried out during a specific flare event. The user can check the details of observation, view thumbnails of EIS data and download the interested FITS files by just simply "right-click and save". Furthermore, the catalogue provides user an option to download the XRT and SOT data for same flare event.

Try EIS Flare Catalogue from this link: /SolarB/eisflarecat.jsp and watch Demo Movie

Find and enjoy those flares!

For more details, please contact: Louise Harra and Jian Sun.

EIS Flare Catalogue Demo

Last Revised: Monday, 01-Feb-2010

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