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You can read more about EIS Wiki's security features on the documentation pages.


When a user decides to log in - or is challenged to do so by a page access control or security policy - he or she sees a standard web form with a username field and a masked password field. After receiving the submitted web form, EIS Wiki attempts to log the user in.

Lost password#

If you lose your password, you can ask to have a new, random password sent to the mail address stored in your User Profile.

More details please see Lost Password?.

Register new user#

For security reason, EIS Wiki disabled the self-registration page, which means you may need to contact us by email to set up a user account for you.

The email would provide us these information:

  • A user ID (i.e. username to log in EIS Wiki)
  • The user's desired "wiki name" (e.g., JanneJalkanen).
  • E-mail address. This can be used when you need to reset your password. (see Lost Password?)

User may manage their own wiki profiles at a later time via the My Prefs link. By default, users must be authenticated to edit their own profiles.

More details please see How to Register?.