EIS Data Processing and Analysis

Getting started#


An EIS FITS file is read into an IDL object with:

IDL> data=obj_new('eis_data',filename)

where 'filename' is the name of the level-1 file (a level-0 file can be read in the same way). Information can be extracted from the object via a large number of object methods.


Gaussian fitting#

The document below details software available in the EIS Solarsoft tree for fitting Gaussians to EIS data.

Gaussian fitting for the Hinode/EIS mission

Examples for using the routine eis_auto_fit to automatically fit Gaussians across a raster are given in the document below.

Gaussian fitting examples using eis_auto_fit

FITS file issues#

Search EIS studies#


  • Suguru Kamio has uploaded an EIS spectral atlas(info), using data from Charlie Brown's line list paper. Best suited to A0 paper, but readable as a PDF.
    Other resource of EIS Spectral Atlases can be found here or directly access a few PS file: Active region;   Quiet Sun;   Flare

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