JPEG85 all data points#

DC estimation: 4.56 (orange dash line)

JPEG85 vs. QS#

DC estimation: 4.82 (dash line)

JPEG85 vs. AR#

DC estimation: 4.51 (dash line)

JPEG85 vs. CH#

DC estimation: 4.91 (dash line)

JPEG85 vs. 1"#

DC estimation: 3.9

Only a few data points within the datasets:

14.5 14.0 15.5 3.9 3.9

Choose 3.9 by comparing with other values of AR, QS, etc.

JPEG85 vs. 2"#

DC estimation: N/A

JPEG85 vs. 40"#

DC estimation: 4.51-5.32 (range between dash lines)

Choose 4.51 conservatively.

JPEG85 vs. 266"#

DC estimation: N/A

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