Here's a brief help on how to login to Eiswiki. This text is here.
You can read more about EIS Wiki's security features on the documentation pages.


When a user decides to log in - or is challenged to do so by a page access control or security policy - he or she sees a standard web form with a username field and a masked password field. After receiving the submitted web form, EIS Wiki attempts to log the user in.

Lost password#

If you lose your password, you can ask to have a new, random password sent to the mail address stored in your User Profile.

More details please see Lost Password?.

Register new user#

For security reason, EIS Wiki disabled the self-registration page, which means you may need to contact us by email to set up a user account for you.

The email would provide us these information:

  • A user ID (i.e. username to log in EIS Wiki)
  • The user's desired "wiki name" (e.g., JanneJalkanen).
  • E-mail address. This can be used when you need to reset your password. (see Lost Password?)

User may manage their own wiki profiles at a later time via the My Prefs link. By default, users must be authenticated to edit their own profiles.

More details please see How to Register?.

Add new attachment

Only authorized users are allowed to upload new attachments.
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