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Here is your text
  • corners : defines which corners should be rounded
  • color : background color of the box (use hexadecimal html color )
  • bordercolor : (optional) border color (use hexadecimal html color )


Here is your text

The corners parameters allows you to define how each of the 4 corners should be rendered. It consists of 4 corner markers: 1st is top-left corner; 2nd is top-right corner; 3rd is bottom-left corner and 4th is bottom-right corner. The corner marker can be a y (default round corner), s (small round corner), n (normal square corner).

For example: the string yyns defines a box where the top corners are rounded, the bottom-left corner is a normal square corner and the bottom-right corner is a small rounded corner. Both rounded corners of either top or bottom will be rendered in the same shape (default or small) Thus, yyss will still render 2 default rounded corners at the top and 2 default small corners at the bottom.

Examples (only work when feature is activated of course)#


Blue example, with normal borders

Here is your text
And some more stuff.

Green example with borders

aii iuiua uui u uee ueo ei iua eouo ioua eaeuoi ao ae uii uoo euoiu iea aeo aooea uo iia ua uaoio o ei eioe oa a u ue. Uiuio oaou iiu oeeuo oiuui o oaui euuei oiaai euoi uuue aieo iiie ee eeo uoi eoii eii ioe uo uoeee o iuuo iu oiei oi auui. Ae eau ooia oou eiu iuuui oiiu uoea e aiii ueiau uueee iiou ei eooi uuo uoiao eoeo ie euuo eoiaao oe ee a uii uueiai. Eeii eooi iauuo o uoeo uoa o oieaio au aaoue iiu uo iei oiuu a ooui au uueiei uau iee eue eieuuu ioi ioi uo uooo.

Several pink blocks with small corners at the top


Mix of corners and size

Here is your text

Combination of two rounded boxes on top of each other.

Here is the title of this box
This is the bottom text. In contains bold stuff etc. Try to make some continuations.
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