Question: How to register with EISWiki?

Please see the latest instruction about how to register with EIS Wiki. (2007-05-27)

1. Click the Log in link on the top-right of the Main page.#


2. Click Register with EISWiki now!#


3. Input the information needed in the box and click the Create Your Profile button to register.#

  • Login name: user's account name.
  • Set password: the user should choose one and keep it known only to themself. The password should be easy to remember.
  • Wiki name: the name that will appears on the page after user login.
  • Full name: user's full name.
  • E-mail address: user's e-mail address.
This will be used by the EIS wiki to send a new password should the user forget their original password.


4. Once registration has been completed successfully, then go to the Login page to login.


  • User enters their Login name and password and clicks the login button.

5. After logging in, the Edit will appear as a link on the page. Click it to start editing the EISWiki page.#


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