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Welcome to the MSSL Hinode/EIS Public Outreach pages.

On these pages you can find information on all aspects of Hinode/EIS and our Sun.

  • Louise Harra discusses Hinode and its role in Solar research on the BBC's "In Our Time" In Our Time website!

  • Image credit: BBC

  • Hinode on Royal Society Exhibition

  • Hinode/EIS mission (blue stand) was showed on the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in 2007. Afterward, The stand then went on tour in Ireland and was visited by over 15,000 people!
    Image credit: Miruna Popescu

  • Hinode was featured on the Sunearthplan.net website!

  • Hinode being featured in the Science Museum in the Formula 1 exhibition (exhibition runs Wed 11 Mar 2009 - Mon 05 Apr 2010)

  • Hinode will join in the Big Bang Fair 2010 in Manchester

  • We give public talks, school talks and provide information for teachers.

    Image on the right is of the postcard has made for the Big Bang Fair 2010 where we will have a stand talking about the Sun and space missions including Hinode.
    Image credit: David Williams

  • Hinode and EIS can be found on the SunTrek website:

  • SOLAR STORMS, the Hinode satellite, a conversation with astronomer (by Sten Odenwald)

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