Downloading EIS data through the IDL command line#

Sometimes it can be convenient to download directly from the IDL command line, and two options are available.


To search for and download EIS data for a specific date range, the following commands are used:

list=vso_search('16-feb-2011 06:15','16-feb-2011 12:30',inst='eis')

There are 64 FITS files corresponding to this time range and they will be downloaed to your current working directory.

Oslo Data Center#

The Oslo data center can also be accessed from IDL and the same search described above is performed as follows:

o->condition,'INSTRUME: ,EIS'
o->condition,'EPOCH_START: 16-feb-2011 06:15'
o->condition,'EPOCH_END: 16-feb-2011 12:30'
paths = o->paths(out,/fetch)

One difference compared to the VSO is that the Oslo software makes use of the $HINODE_DATA environment variable (see EIS Software Note No. 18) to download the files into the correct level-0 directory.

Note that, if you perform a search using the web-based search tool at Oslo, at the bottom of the results page will be written the IDL commands that would have yielded the same search results.

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