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Note that this routine has been superseded by "eis_filter_studies." See
for details.
The routine "eis_search_rasters" is a widget based IDL program for searching the current database of EIS rasters. You can search on wavelength, observing mode, slit, compression, exposure time, data rate, raster height, and raster width.
To run this routine you need to setup the EIS databases using
This can go in your IDL_STARTUP file.
When the routine starts the EIS raster and line list databases are read. This can take a minute or so on a slow computer.
The widget looks like this
[{Image src = 'eis_search_rasters.jpg' width='640'}]
Right-click on this image to see it at full resolution.
The lines are common lines observed with EIS. You can make a customized list and use that in place of the default list using
where the myfile.txt is an ascii text files with the line ids in it (e.g., Fe XVII 254.87). This allows you to make your own line list and search the database for rasters that use it.
You can click on a raster to see the raster details and save the results of the search to a text file for future reference.