EIS observations of AR 12673#

This document summarizes EIS observations of AR 12673, which produced the two biggest flares of Solar Cycle 24 on 6 and 10 September. The 10 September limb flare was well-studied.

Only C5-class flares or higher are listed.

7-Sep 23:36 to 8-Sep 05:17 (CORE_FLARE_TR120x120)#

The following flares occurred during this period:

07/23:59 - M3.9
08/02:24 - M1.3
08/03:43 - M1.2

The flares can be seen in the bottom-left corners of the raster images, so the pointing was not ideal.

8-Sep 07:04 to 8-Sep 15:50 (CORE_FLARE_TR120x120)#

The pointing was better for this sequence, and we see more of the flaring structures.

08/07:08 - C6.0
08/07:49 - M8.1
08/15:47 - M2.9

9-Sep 11:00 to 9-Sep 17:23 (FlareResponse01)#

This raster was run above the limb, and the tops of flares loops in Fe XXIV can be seen in the first raster.

09/11:04 - M3.7

9-Sep 18:14 to 10-Sep 04:39 (FlareResponse01)#

Impressive (and complex) loop evolution above the limb for these two events.

09/23:53 - M1.1
10/03:09 - C9.0

10-Sep 05:44 to 10-Sep 16:53 (FlareResponse01)#

This sequence captured the famous limb X-flare.

10/16:06 - X8.2