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!!!Downloading EIS data from the IDL command line

Sometimes it can be convenient to download directly from the IDL command line, and two options are available.


To search for and download EIS data for a specific date range, the following commands are used:

{{list=vso_search('16-feb-2011 06:15','16-feb-2011 12:30',inst='eis')\\

There are 64 FITS files corresponding to this time range and they will be downloaded to your current working directory.


To get all of the EIS files for a specific day from the VSO, you can do:


This will download the files to a temporary directory and then ingest them into the EIS file hierarchy using the routine eis_ingest. If you're not sure where the files will be downloaded to, then give the keyword /test. For information on how to organize your EIS data, please check [EIS Software Note No. 18|http://solarb.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/SolarB/eis_docs/eis_notes/18_FILES/eis_swnote_18.pdf].


Another way of accessing the VSO is with this routine. It is most useful when used in conjunction with eis_obs_structure. The example below shows how every raster with the name 'Atlas_30' can be downloaded:

{{s=eis_obs_structure(rast_acr='Atlas_30') \\ eis_vso_download_files,s}}

As with eis_vso_day, the files will automatically be downloaded into the EIS file hierarchy.

The second example shows how all narrow slit rasters containing the Fe VIII 185.21 line during the period 1-Jan-2015 to 1-Mar-2015 can be downloaded:

{{s=eis_obs_structure('1-jan-2015','1-mar-2015') \\ s2=eis_filter_obs_stric(s,wvl=185.21,/narrow) \\ eis_vso_download_files,s2}}

For more details on these routines, please check out [EIS Software Note No. 25.|https://sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov/solarsoft/hinode/eis/doc/eis_notes/25_IDL_SEARCH/eis_swnote_25.pdf].

!!Oslo Data Center

The Oslo data center can also be accessed from IDL and the initial VSO search described above is performed as follows:

o->condition,'INSTRUME: ,EIS'\\
o->condition,'EPOCH_START: 16-feb-2011 06:15'\\
o->condition,'EPOCH_END: 16-feb-2011 12:30'\\
paths =  o->paths(out,/fetch)

One difference compared to the VSO is that the Oslo software makes use of the $HINODE_DATA environment variable (see [EIS Software Note No. 18|ftp://sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov/solarsoft/hinode/eis/doc/eis_notes/18_FILES/eis_swnote_18.pdf]) to download the files into the correct level-0 directory.

Note that, if you perform a search using the web-based search tool at Oslo, at the bottom of the results page will be written the IDL commands that would have yielded the same search results.