A list of the most commonly used plugins and some key parameters. More plugins here.

TableOfContents [{TableOfContents }]
Image [{Image src='x.jpg' link='~http://..' width='..' height='..'
align='left|center|right' style='..' class='..' }]
InsertPage [{InsertPage page='some-page' }]
CurrentTimePlugin [{CurrentTimePlugin format='yyyy mmm-dd'}]
ReferredPagesPlugin [{ReferredPagesPlugin page='<pagename>' type='local|external|attachment' depth='1..8'
include='regexp' exclude='regexp'}]
ReferringPagesPlugin [{ReferringPagesPlugin page='<pagename>' separator=','
include='regexp' exclude='regexp'}]
Set a WikiVariable
Get a WikiVariable
Test a wiki variable
[{SET name='value'}]
[{TEST page='p' name='var' match='regexp' except='regexp'

BrushedTablePlugin [{Table

||Nr ||A ||< ||C ||<
|# |a |b |c |d
|# |^ |b |^ |d
Emoticons:) is used to show symbol: