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Where do we find the schedule for the Hinode eclipse seasons?

--[KenDere|http://null], 16-May-2007


The basic information on the eclipse season is on:


--[Louise Harra|http://null], 18-May-2007



There's also some notes I've compiled based on the earliest data where we also had input from the spacecraft side on when they were expecting nights.

The short version is that we have one night per orbit. They're calculated for the optical band, I think, because an "NGT" event is nominally anything from 90 seconds to about 4 minutes, but the EUV night (including ingress and egress) lasts something like 24 minutes per orbit (or, a quarter of the time).

My notes are here: [~EclipseEffects]

--[Dave Williams|http://null], 18-May-2007