Horizontal ruler:

gives you:

Paragraphs are delimitted by a blank line.#

This is Paragraph 1

This is Paragraph 2
gives you:

This is Paragraph 1

This is Paragraph 2

Forced Line Break: #

This is first line,\\this is second line!

gives you:

This is first line,
this is second line!

[Main] , [], [GeneralEditSkills#Monospaced text]
gives you:

Main ,, GeneralEditSkills#Monospaced text


gives you:


[MSSL Homepage|]
gives you:

MSSL Homepage

Section headers: have ! in the first column:#

gives you:




Bulleted lists have * in the first column:

(Use more ** for deeper indentations)
* Item one
** Item two
* Item three
gives you:

Numbered lists have #, ## etc.

(You can mix * and # too.)
gives you:
  1. MSSL
  2. NAOJ
  3. NRL

Monospaced text:#

 {{monospaced text with wiki markup}} 
gives you:

monospaced text with wiki markup

Code blocks: Use triple {‘s to open, and triple }‘s to close code blocks, wiki markup is not rendered.#

 {{{ this is code block! }}} 
gives you:
this is code block!

Text decorations:

gives you: bold
gives you: italic

Text CSS Styles

start: %%css-class or %%(css-style)
end: %% or /% or %~<space>


%%small text %% renders as text
%%sub subscript %% like in aij = aji
%%sup superscript %% like in 23 = 8
%%strike strikethrough %% renders as strikethrough
%%center ... %% for centered text
%%invisible ... %% to hide parts of a page

your own customed css style:

Hello, world!
gives you:
Hello, world!

Definition List, with ; in first column:#

;__Construct__:"Something you use to do something with"
gives you:
"Something you use to do something with"

Indented comment:#

;:This is indented comment
gives you:
This is indented comment


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