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!!!Worksheet 1 - Finding EIS data and downloading

The sections below give basic information about finding and downloading EIS data using three different methods. New users should try all three as each has its own strengths.

!!European archive (Oslo)
The archive is accessed by going to [http://sdc.uio.no|http://sdc.uio.no].

A basic search by date is done by clicking on the EIS box, and entering times in EPOCH_START and EPOCH_END.

Searches using EIS-specific keywords can be done by clicking on the EIS button under ‘More search criteria’. A useful option is to search on study acronym (E_STUD_ACR).

Multiple groups of files are packaged as gzipped tar files. They should be downloaded into a directory such as /data/hinode. They unpack into directories such as eis/level0/2007/11/01.

#Find out how many EIS studies have been run during the 3 months from 1-Jul-2007 that use the 2” slit, contain the Ni XVII 249.18 emission line, and were designed by Peter Young.
#Which studies (specify the study acronym, STUD_ACR) satisfy the conditions above?

!!MSSL archive
The MSSL archive has two entry points:

#[searching by date and or SQL searches on FITS keywords|https://vsolar.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/SolarB/SearchArchive.jsp]
#[searching by EIS study names|https://vsolar.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/SolarB/EisStudyList.jsp]

Thumbnail images are available for each file, and the files can be downloaded.

#Use the archive to find list of files obtained on 9-Dec-2006.
#Find the file beginning at 11:30 UT and view thumbnails.

!!Organizing your EIS data files

Although not necessary for this tutorial, it is good practice to keep your EIS data files organized in a standard directory hierarchy. The process is simple, requiring you to define the top level data directory with the environment variable $HINODE_DATA in your .cshrc file or idl_startup.pro file. Once this is done, the 9-Dec-2006 file can be placed in the directory with

IDL> eis_ingest, 'eis_l0_20061209_113031.fits.gz'

Please see [EIS Software Note 18|ftp://sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov/solarsoft/hinode/eis/doc/eis_notes/18_FILES/eis_swnote_18.pdf] for more details.