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!!!Intensity map

The intensity map mode of displaying data averages the line over the line profile. An example made using the Fe XII 195 line at the north limb is shown below.

[{Image src='ximage.png' width='700' height='' align='center' }]

If more than one line is selected in {{xcontrol}}, several such windows will show up. For a raster containing M slit positions and N exposures, the map will have N x M pixels. For a scanning raster, the N exposures (abscissa) translates into solar-X position, while for a sit-and-stare the corresponding axis dimension will be time. The ordinate axis translates to solar-Y.

The menus available to this mode of display are similar to those described for the [xdetector|QuicklookDetector] display. In addition, at the bottom of the left column there is a button, __Define Line__ which will allow you to choose which portion of the line profile is to be used for making the image.