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!!! Studies for Regular Programmes

!! About
This wiki page is a reference for regular programmes for which there is now an accepted study. The reason for the page is that the accepted study isn't always easy to ''find'', so I wanted to make a list for Chief Observers' reference.

__N.B.__: This page is __not__ a place to add studies that you would like to be regular programmes: it is for COs' reference only.

! HOP 79
Purpose: Central meridian and activity belts irradiance scan.
Study to use: we finally settled on the large-FOV Study #305 ''(IUU_SLOT_616X512_Q85)''. Use this once per pointing.

! XRT Synoptics
Purpose: XRT makes a series of full-disc images, which means Hinode repoints at disc centre twice a day.
Study to use: we use this opportunity to make regular measurements of the sensitivity of EIS, using the average quiet Sun as a "standard candle". %%strike On one occasion per day (no more) use the original study, SYNOP001. It's an X-band era study, though, so if you want to run another in the same day, use SYNOP005A. They're both very short.%%
Update: Use SYNOP005A each time: the overhead for SYNOP001 is a little too high.