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That is all.

Ducks are waterfowl.

In Kyoto, the main river is called the Kamogawa (鴨川) or "Duck River".

It is not the location setting of Duck Tales™.

Jaguars are not waterfowl.

Jaguars are known by a different name in Norf America, but I haven't googled it to see what that is.

Matt has a very docile Jaguar.

Pandas are very cute.

In Kiddyland toy shop on Omotesandou, they used to sell a toy called "A! Baby Panda".

That probably ''is'' worth googling for.

P.S. I googled for it. Here is the [link|http://catalog.bandai.co.jp/item/4543112511591000.html]


-- DaveWilliams