How to find data from the EIS response studies.#


EIS has three event trigger methods:

Finding the response studies in the database#

The timeline ID (TL_ID) uniquely identifies a group of contiguous rasters (i.e., the same raster run once, or repeated multiple times) for normal studies on the EIS timeline. The response studies, however, will always be assigned the same TL_ID which varies according to the three types of response study:

TL_ID EIS event
1 XRT flare
3 EIS flare

You can find the response studies by using the Oslo archive ( First, make sure to search only for EIS data, by clicking on the EIS option at the top of the page. Then, under the "More search criteria" section, click on the "EIS" button.

A new list of widgets appear, and you should look for the "E_TL_ID" box. Enter the particular TL_ID that you're interested in and then click on the "Search" button. This will return all of the response studies of this type.


BP trigger#

One example is a data-set obtained on 30-Aug-2011, which used the BP trigger to find the footpoint of a bright loop in an active region.

01:41 Hunter study (Hunter_loop_fe8, ID=445)
02:04 Response study (Cool_loop_response, ID=444; 15 rasters)

EIS flare trigger#

On 6-Mar-2012 the EIS hunter study caught a M-flare.

12:37 Hunter study (Flare266_Hunter01, ID=475)
12:38 Response study (FlareResponse01, ID=474; 6 rasters)

XRT flare trigger#

On 7-Jun-2013 XRT saw a M-flare at the limb.

19:10 Passive EIS study (Flare266_Test2, ID=455)
22:37 Response study (FlareResponse01, ID=474; 6 rasters)