Hinode/EIS Archived Images



Hinode/EIS Archived Movies

  • Falling materials observed by EIS on north pole (266" sit&stare, HeII 256 Å), Credit J Sun

  • Jet observed by EIS on south pole (40" scan, FeXII 195 Å), Credit J Sun

  • Evolution of coronal loops at various different temperatures in an active region (EIS: 40" slit scan, Mg VI 269.0, Si VII 275.4, Fe XI 180.4, Fe XII 195.1, Fe XIV 274.2, Fe XV 284.2, Fe XVI 262.9), Credit Ignacio Ugarte-Urra

  • EIS intensity, velocity and width maps fading (20071211_002416), Credit NASA

  • EIS: 40" slot scan on AR at east limb (lines: Si VII 275.4, Fe XII 195.1, Fe XIV 274.2, Fe XV 284.2), Credit J Sun



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