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Hinode is a joint Japan/UK/US mission, with ESA and Norwegian involvement, that was launched in September 2006. Included in Hinode's instrumentation is a 0.5m optical telescope (SOT), an EUV imaging spectrometer (EIS) and an X-ray/EUV telescope (XRT). The instruments work together as an observatory.

Using the combination of optical, EUV and X-ray observations, Hinode is studying the interaction between the Sun's magnetic field and its corona to increase our understanding of the causes of solar variability and the origins of solar activity.

The EUV Imaging Spectrometer ( EIS ) was built by a consortium led by UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL).

This Website provides an overview of the Hinode mission and describes the operation of the EUV Imaging Spectrometer, how to use its data and some of the discoveries that have been made.

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