First Announcement


The conference of Spectroscopy of the Dynamic Sun

We are hosting a conference celebrating the careers of Prof. George Doschek from NRL and Prof. Tetsuya Watanabe from NAOJ focussing on the topic of Spectroscopy of the Dynamic Sun.

George Doschek George Doschek has played a major part in space solar spectroscopy for many decades. Following a key role in exploiting Skylab data, he made huge contributions to the design and build of instruments on board the P78-1, Yohkoh and Hinode missions, being US PI for the Hinode EIS. His knowledge of spectroscopy is recognized and respected internationally and he has published very many papers on high temperature solar plasmas.

Tetsuya Watanabe Tetsuya Watanabe is a leading spectroscopist in Japan. Following work with stellar atmospheres, he has been involved from the start of Japanese space solar physics with significant roles in the Bragg spectrometers the Tansei 4, Hinotori and Yohkoh missions. He is Japanese PI for Hinode EIS. He has published extensively on solar X-ray and EUV spectra.

This conference will focus on recent results using spectroscopy to probe fundamental questions in solar physics.