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!!Missing data
Particular CCD pixels can be flagged by eis_prep as being 'missing'. This indicates that the pixel is bad in some way, e.g., a CCD warm/hot pixel, cosmic ray, dust. Missing pixels are flagged as having an error value of -100 in the level-1 FITS file, but the intensity value is obtained through interpolation of neighbouring good pixels.
By default, eis_auto_fit ignores all missing pixels in the fitting. Thus, e.g., if the central pixel in a line profile is missing, then eis_auto_fit will ignore this pixel and try to fit a Gaussian to the remaining pixels.
If you want to include the interpolated pixels in fitting, you should use the /INTERP_MISS keyword in the call to eis_auto_fit. Please check the routine header for information about how the error value for interpolated pixels is obtained.