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!! Mailing Lists
There's a JSPWiki mailing list for discussion that is occurring off this wiki. It is very good for discussing things like patches, problems, development, etc.
There are currently three email lists, ''jspwiki-users'', ''jspwiki-dev'' and ''jspwiki-commits''.
The jspwiki-user mailing list is hosted at Apache Incubator. You can join it by sending an email to [|]. The list archives are at [|]
The [old list archives|] are also available. There's also a [secondary archive|] on Nabble.
This is the list for JSPWiki developers. Do not join if you fear geek-talk. The jspwiki-dev list is hosted at Apache, so you join by sending an email to [|]. The list archives are at [|]
If you subscribe to this list you will get emailed when (a committer) commits new or changed files to the SVN repository.
The jspwiki-commits list is hosted at Apache, join it by sending an email to [|].
The list archives are at
Unsubscribing is equally easy: you can just send an email to jspwiki-<user|dev|commits> from the same email address that you originally subscribed from.
The old JSPWiki-dev archives (up until Oct. 2007) are [also available|], if you want to peruse some interesting issues.
!! Other resources
! IrcChannel - chat live with the developers!
There is a JSPWiki [IRC|] channel on [Freenode|], called #jspwiki. Drop by if you have any questions, or just want to chat.
Note that the channel is pretty quiet at certain times of the day, so don't be discouraged if you don't get an answer. Just hang around for a while...
Regulars on the channel:
* [Janne Jalkanen|] (Ecyrd): Lives on GMT+2.
! [FaceBook |]
Just for fun, I create a JSPWiki Users group at Facebook. If you're a regular Facebook user, drop by!
(And no, we're not planning to replace any existing site with it. But since everyone and their cousin seems to be on Facebook, I figured that it's probably not a bad idea to add an extra channel)
-- Janne 17/09/07
* [JSPWiki dev blog|]