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!!!What was EIS doing yesterday?!
It can take a week or more for the FITS files from an EIS observation to appear in the EIS archives, but sometimes you may want to know immediately what EIS was doing in the recent past. For example, if a big flare just took place.
Some Python software is available for this. In the Solarsoft directory $SSW/hinode/eis/data/timeline_sqlite there is a program called "". You can run this by doing:
> python
A GUI will appear and you should look for the option "I want to know what EIS is doing now...". Clicking this will show the most recent timeline entries. Typically it will include studies that have been inserted into the EIS timeline but have not yet run, in addition to the most recent studies that have actually been run.
The GUI also has the option of searching for a specific study. This is useful if you have requested a specific study to be run, for example as part of a HOP.
If you have problems running the Python GUI please contact John Mariska or another member of the EIS team.