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!!CCD bakeouts (2016 onwards)
The EIS team avoided doing CCD bakeouts (which are common with EUV and X-ray instruments) due to concerns about whether they would affect the instrument calibration. However, bakeouts were finally performed in an effort to halt the continuous rise in the number of warm pixels on the EIS CCDs. The CCD manufacturer suggested a bakeout may reset the warm pixels.
Bakeouts were performed on 23-Feb-2016, 10-Aug-2017 and 17-Jan-2018. However, they did not have a significant impact on either the warm pixels or the calibration.
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!!Attitude control system problem (Dec 2021)
Beginning on 28 December 2021, a problem with the Hinode attitude control system has stopped all Hinode science operations. EIS observations resumed on 1 March 2022, but uncertainties remain over whether Hinode can maintain a stable roll angle. The effects of this on EIS data are being assessed.