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!!!EIS Coordination with Parker Solar Probe
This page contains some notes related to Hinode coordination with PSP. Note that positive angles correspond to the west side of the Sun, and negative angles the east side. The Earth corresponds to zero degrees.
[List of PSP encounters|] (APL page)
!!Encounter 1
Dates: 31-Oct to 11-Nov (2018)\\
Perihelion: 6-Nov 03:27 UT\\
Closest distance: 35.6 R%%sub sun/% \\
Perihelion angle: 103 degrees
PSP was connected to a small low-latitude coronal hole that was at disk center at 0 UT on 28-Oct. It remained connected for the whole encounter period. The coronal hole was only visible on the disk until about 2-Nov.
The only EIS data for the coronal hole were four DHB_007 rasters obtained on 28-Oct and 29-Oct. See the eis_mapper pages:
!!Encounter 2
Dates: 30-Mar to 10-Apr (2019)\\
Perihelion: 4-Apr 22:39 UT\\
Closest distance: 35.6 R%%sub sun/%\\
Perihelion angle: -48 degrees
PSP was on the east side of the Sun for this encounter, and was connected to the south coronal hole for the entire encounter period. Active region 12737 crossed the central meridian around 0 UT on 4-Apr but had no connection to PSP. The large AR 12738 crossed the central meridian arond 0 UT on 14-Apr, and PSP was connected to it around 22-Apr. Several CMEs were detected by PSP in the 15-21 Apr timeframe.
!!Encounter 3
Dates: 27-Aug to 7-Sep (2019)\\
Perihelion: 1-Sep 17:50 UT\\
Closest distance: 35.6 R%%sub sun/%\\
Perihelion angle: 168 degrees
There were technical problems with this pass, plus it was on the back side of the Sun.
!!Encounter 7
Perihelion: 17-Jan 17:40 UT (2021)\\
Closest distance: 20.3 R%%sub sun/%\\
Perihelion angle: 30 degrees
!!Encounter 9
Perihelion: 9-Aug 19:11 UT (2021)\\
Closest distance: 15.9 R%%sub sun/%\\
Perihelion angle: 174 degrees
This was entirely on the backside of the Sun and no Hinode coordination took place.
[AIA Carrington maps|] \\
[EIS Mapper|]\\
[Magnetic Connectivity Tool|]