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!!Search examples with the Oslo archive
!Searching for spectral atlas data
A spectral atlas study is one where the entire EIS spectrum is downloaded. Such studies are valuable for studying a wide range of diagnostics and investigating atomic data issues. To find a list of all atlas studies using the Oslo archive, first go to the search page:
[Oslo search page|]
Type in your date range, and then look for the 'More search criteria' section. Click on the 'EIS' button. A large number of new boxes appears. Search for the box 'T_DETXW1' and type in '1024'. This tells the search tool to search for studies that have wavelength windows that are 1024 pixels wide. For the most part, only atlas studies have windows that are this wide (there may be 1 or 2 exceptions).
Unfortunately many engineering studies also take the full CCD, so a further search criterion needs to be specified. Under 'More search criteria' click on the 'Plan' button, and then search for the SCI_OBJ box. Search down the list and click on 'AR: active region'. Hold down the CTRL key (or equivalent) and also click on the 'QS: quiet sun' and 'CH: coronal hole' options. This selects all three types of solar features (all science observations must have one of these three options).
If you now do the search you will find a list of all spectral atlas studies.