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| 1 | EIS flare
| 3 | XRT flare
| 1 | XRT flare
| 3 | EIS flare
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01:41 Hunter study (Hunter_loop_fe8, ID=445)
01:41 Hunter study (Hunter_loop_fe8, ID=445)\\
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On 6-Mar-2012 the EIS hunter study caught a M-flare.
12:37 Hunter study (Flare266_Hunter01, ID=475)\\
12:38 Response study (FlareResponse01, ID=474; 6 rasters)
!XRT flare trigger
On 7-Jun-2013 XRT saw a M-flare at the limb.
19:10 Passive EIS study (Flare266_Test2, ID=455)\\
22:37 Response study (FlareResponse01, ID=474; 6 rasters)