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[WikiNames] are traditionally written using [InterCapping], also known as [CamelCase] (starting with uppercase letter, and at least another uppercase letter in the wiki link word). This makes the creation of internal hyperlinks really easy.
However, in this [WikiWiki] the links are written using the [[link] notation, as the original InterCapping style of linking is occasionally confusing. The names still conform to the [WikiWiki] standard, if you look at the URL at the top.
Names are ''crushed'', i.e. [[This is a link] becomes [[ThisIsALink]. However, underscores and dots are retained, so you can have a link like this: [[This_is_a_link], or [[This.Is.A.Link]. All non-alphanumeric characters except for '_' and '.' are removed (that is, all characters that are not letters or numbers), so that [[John's page] becomes [[JohnsPage]. This allows you to type normal sentences which are then turned into links, like when talking about [Wiki etiquette].
Avoid using [WikiNames] which begin with numbers. The [InsertPage] plugin does not work with pages with names having numeric prefixes.
A [WikiName] can not be a number. Numeric names are used for [footnotes|TextFormattingRules].