EIS_CAT and the EIS Science Data Catalog#

The EIS Science Data Catalog

The EIS Science Data Catalog is a database that contains detailed information about each study that has been run using the EIS instrument. This information is oranized as a relational database and is searchable based on time, pointing, study name as well other as criterion. The primary interface the As-Run database is an IDL program called EIS_CAT.

Information in the EIS Science Data Catalog comes from EIS FITS files. As EIS FITS files are created, information from the FITS header is ingested and used to populate the catalog. The master copy of the catalog is kept at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. The catalog itself is distributed through solarsoft.

Accessing the EIS Catalog Directly


EIS_CAT is an IDL program for searching the EIS science data catalog, sometimes called the EIS As-Run database. Science data can searched for in a number of different ways, including specifying complex search strings and graphically selecting regions of the Sun. Once a particular FITS file is located, EIS_CAT will invoke the Quicklook software to help you analyze the data. If you do not already have a local copy of the FITS file, then EIS_CAT will automatically download it to your workstation.