Viewing fits from eis_auto_fit#

It is often useful to browse the fits produced by eis_auto_fit in order to ensure there have been no problems. E.g., some blending lines only appear in certain conditions and could distort the fit.

A widget-based routine is available for browsing the eis_auto_fit results and it is called as:

IDL> eis_fit_viewer, wd, fit

The top three windows in the GUI contain the intensity map, velocity map and line width map.

With the 'Zoom' option selected, you can zoom into any of these three images by clicking-and-dragging the mouse over the windows to create a rubber-band box that selects a region.

With the 'Pixel' option selected, you can click on any pixel in any of the images, and the line profile for that pixel will be shown in the bottom-left graphics window.

In the bottom-right window a histogram plot of the selected line parameter (intensity, velocity, width) is shown for the spatial region that is being displayed in the upper windows.