Question: How does User Preference work?


1. Click the Prefs link on the wiki page:#


2. User Preferences setting window:#


"Skin": there are 6 different skins available for use with EIS Wiki.

IE browser users are advised to select the "PlainVanilla" skin (the default) as problems have been noted when used with the other skins. Users of other browsers, however, are free to enjoy the different EIS Wiki styles.Firefox users should set their Desktop resolution to 1280x1024 for the best results.

Most other settings here are self-explanatory.

3. User Profile tab:


"Change Password": users can change their password using this tab.

If a password has been forgotten, then please use the "Lost Password" link on the menu to the left. The user will receive an e-mail from EIS Wiki, containing a new random password. In order to use this feature, the user must enter their email address when registering with the EIS Wiki.


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