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The EIS Science Planning Guide (ESPG) provides users with information on the instrument characteristics and how the instrument can be used. The basic characteristics of EIS (and the other instruments) are given here. These pages will develop dynamically.

  • From February, users will be able to e-mail proposed studies to the science team using a template which will be provided on this site. Generally, users can design their own study (including line-list and raster definition), then send it to the EIS science team (eis_obs@mssl.ucl.ac.uk) through e-mail, together with text descriptions of the observation proposal.

    Check  FAQ06  for more information.

  • Users could also apply the existing study cases (from the EIS study database) and send their proposal to the EIS science team (eis_obs@mssl.ucl.ac.uk).

    Check Studies available for available studies information.

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