EIS simulated data

To get an idea of what the data will look like, John Mariska has produced some simulated data
that you can download by clicking-on the link below.

You can perform a similar exercise using the EIS effective area files and using simulated data from CHIANTI. Giulio Del Zanna contributed a brief introduction here:

Using Chianti software with EIS observations

EIS Ground Test Data

In EIS software (released as part of Solarsoft), there are some EIS ground test data which show images obtained by EIS CCD-A & CCD-B during the tests on ground before the Hinode launch.
Use EIS quick-look tools "xfiles" to check with these data.

EIS Orbiter-Observation Data

MSSL Hinode/EIS website provides many sample images which generated from EIS orbiter-observation data (fits files), together with details about the associated EIS studies (such as raster design, target and planning sequences).

The fits files are completely available to public at the moment. Please visit our Hinode/EIS Data Archive to search and download EIS data (and XRT & SOT as well).

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